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EU's Borrell says asked China to use its influence on Russia

BRUSSELS, Feb 25 (Reuters) - The EU’s foreign policy chief said he has urged China to use its influence with Moscow to respect the Ukraine’s sovereignty, adding that if the U.N. General Assembly fails to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine it is “the law of the jungle”.

“I’ve been talking with the Chinese minister this morning, asking him to use their influence ... to respect the sovereignty and integrity of everybody, including Ukraine,” Josep Borrell told reporters.

Referring to a resolution on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the U.N. Security Council, he said that it would be vetoed by Moscow, but he hoped the resolution would then be adopted by the General Assembly.

“If the United Nations doesn’t condemn what Russia is doing then it is the law of the jungle. It is the law of the stronger, the one who is mighty and then invades the others using brutal force,” he told reporters as he went into a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Brussels.

“If the United Nations don’t condemn the Russian behaviour then it is the whole international system that is being put in cause.” (Reporting by John Chalmers; Editing by Benoit Van Overstraeten)