Siemens Energy: Gazprom must provide customs documents to import turbine

FRANKFURT, July 27 (Reuters) - Gazprom must provide customs documents to enable the import into Russia of a turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline’s Portovaya compressor station, a spokesperson for the company said.

“From our side everything is said: The transportation of the turbine could start immediately. The German authorities provided Siemens Energy with all the necessary documents for the export of the turbine to Russia,” the spokesperson said.

“What is missing, however, are the customs documents for import to Russia. Gazprom, as the customer, is required to provide those.”

The comments came in response to remarks by Gazprom deputy CEO Vitaly Markelov who blamed blamed Siemens Energy, which is servicing the turbine, for a delay in its return, saying that there were sanctions risks associated with the machinery. (Reporting by Christoph Steitz, editing by Thomas Escritt)