Siemens Energy can't deliver turbine to Nord Stream 1 operator

FILE PHOTO: A trader walks next to Siemens Energy AG logos during Siemens Energy's initial public offering (IPO) at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, September 28, 2020. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Siemens Energy on Tuesday said it was unable to hand back an aeroderivative gas turbine currently being overhauled in Canada to the operator of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline due to sanctions.

An absence of the equipment has been cited by Gazprom as the reason behind lower flows through the pipeline.

“Due to the sanctions imposed by Canada, it is currently impossible for Siemens Energy to deliver overhauled gas turbines to the customer,” the company said.

“Against this background we have informed the Canadian and German government and are working on a viable solution.”

Reporting by Christoph Steitz; Editing by Jan Harvey