The Missed Call app by Anno is a versatile application that will almost certainly alter the way you use your phone. Like most Android users, I like to check my phone quite frequently for missed calls and text messages. For those of us with Motorola Droids, we must go through the ritual of sliding the keyboard down, pressing the gold button to activate the screen, and then sliding our finger to unlock the phone. But more often than not, we find no missed phone calls or text messages to be read. This is where Missed Call comes to the rescue. Rather than being forced to repeat that dreaded ritual, users have the option to customize vibration patterns, ringtones, and LED colors, so as to know which of the phone’s services needs attention.

Missed Call is a novel application--and its name is a misnomer--because it notifies the user not only of missed calls, but of incoming calls, Bluetooth use, text messages, calendar events, battery levels, storage space levels, media scanner usage, application installations, and airplane modes. Users will be pleasantly surprised at the app’s versatility and customizability, and will also like the ease of navigating the features. At any time, users can easily disable Missed Call by simply checking “Disable” on the app’s screen. Users can even back up their settings when experimenting with the app’s features.

Of its few drawbacks, the most frustrating is the need to reset one’s notification settings when updating the application. For users with very specific settings, this could prove annoying. Users do have the option of backing up the settings, but since this is the only iteration I have used so far, I have not tested the Restore feature. The Calendar feature is not entirely ready either, but a notification window admits to that quite quickly.

Still, the app has proved quite useful. If you are already using Handcent or some other messaging app that allows for LED notification, you probably don’t need this app. But if your interest is piqued by the notion of customized vibration patterns and/or LEDs, then you will find this app to be quite handy.

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