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Suicide attacks in west Kabul, fighting near embassies

KABUL (Reuters) - A suicide attacker killed a policeman and injured two others in western Kabul on Tuesday, hours after at least five Taliban fighters launched an attack on the Afghan capital’s embassy district, a senior police officer said.

A second suicide bomber wounded two people when he detonated his explosives near the Habibia high school, also in the west of Kabul, the Ministry of the Interior said in a statement.

“One policeman was killed and two wounded when a suicide bomber tried to enter the building,” Ghulam Rasool Tarakhil, a senior civil order policeman, told Reuters. “He was identified and blew himself up at the entrance,” he added.

The U.S. embassy said no embassy personnel had been reported harmed in the attack near the diplomatic district.

Reporting by Hamid Shalizi, writing by Emma Graham-Harrison