Aurora Cannabis wins rights for licensing talks with CannaRoyalty

(Reuters) - Canadian medical marijuana maker Aurora Cannabis Inc has won the rights to negotiate a licensing deal with CannaRoyalty Corp that will allow it to sell a range of cannabis-infused consumer products.

Aurora — one of the biggest Canadian cannabis companies — has an exclusive right for 90 days to hammer out a licensing agreement that could give it the rights to sell inhalers, transdermal patches, gels and lotions.

Aurora, which currently only makes medical cannabis, has been seeking deals to offer more products including consumer-oriented products like ones offered by CannaRoyalty, a small Ottawa-based firm.

Alberta-based Aurora is also trying to buy fellow medical marijuana firm CanniMed Therapeutics.

The deals come amid expectations that Canada will soon legalize the production, sale and consumption of recreational marijuana.

Reporting by John Benny in Bengaluru