Magpie swoops Australian reporter moments before he goes on air

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A magpie swooped an Australian reporter in the face on Monday, moments before the journalist went live on air for the evening bulletin.

Nine Network reporter, Brett McLeod, was preparing for his live cross outdoors when the crow-like bird dived at his face but he quickly regained his composure and delivered his piece to the camera.

The black-and-white Australian magpie, not related to the European magpies famous for taking glittering treasures for their nests, tend to attack anyone who comes close to their suburban nests.

Spring is widely known as the ‘swooping season’ to Australians when birds, mostly magpies, attack humans and even other birds when they stray too close while its fledglings hatch and nest.

People use umbrellas or don protective headwear while at parks and open spaces to protect themselves.

Reporting by Cordelia Hsu and Renju Jose; Editing by Ana Nicolaci da Costa