Johann Sebastian Bass: blasting baroque onto Austria's pop scene

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VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria’s music scene boasts heritage and variety - from Mozart to last year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner, the bearded transvestite singer Conchita Wurst - and Johann Sebastian Bass are adding to the mix with what they call “Electrococo”.

Electropop, harpsichords and operatic singing along with curly white wigs and brocade waistcoats give the three-man band its distinctive profile.

“We have the cheek to appropriate and play with the old-Austria, old-Germany image,” said the band’s singer who calls himself Martinus, dressed in 18th-century costume and makeup as he smokes in a Vienna park.

Also in wig and costume, keyboard player Dominicus, says: “Sometimes it’s a curse, when the song is already done and then you have to somehow fit in the harpsichord.”

Reporting by Shadia Nasralla; Editing by Louise Ireland