"Barefoot bandit" suspect indicted on new charges

SEATTLE (Reuters) - “Barefoot bandit” suspect Colton Harris-Moore, the teen accused in a two-year spree of sometimes-shoeless burglaries and thefts, was indicted on Wednesday on charges of interstate transportation of a stolen plane, a stolen boat and a gun.

Harris-Moore, 19, also was charged in the five-count indictment with being a fugitive in possession of a firearm and flying a plane without a pilot’s license.

The Washington state teenager already has been identified as a suspect in a two-year wave of 80 crimes in nine Western and Midwestern states, British Columbia and the Bahamas, including five cases of stolen aircraft.

He was a fugitive until his capture on July 11 in the Bahamas, where authorities said he crash-landed a small plane he was suspected of stealing from Indiana and flying on his own for over 1,000 miles.

He was returned to the United States a short time later and ultimately flown back to Seattle, where he made his first court appearance in his home state since escaping more than two years earlier from a juvenile detention center.

He was then ordered held without bail on a single charge, contained in a criminal complaint, of flying a stolen airplane across state lines.

Editing by Greg McCune