Spain's Pamplona switches buses to biodiesel

MADRID (Reuters) - Pamplona started running 50 city buses on pure biodiesel this week, becoming the first city in Spain to do so, supplier Acciona ANA.MC said on Friday.

Acciona will deliver 1.5 million liters of fuel a year, produced from vegetable oil at its plant at Caparrosa, also in northern Spain.

Acciona said the city planned to extend biodiesel use to the whole fleet of 127 buses.

“This is the first case in which 100 percent biodiesel is used by public transport in Spain on a large scale,” it said.

Fifteen buses in Barcelona are already using a mix with 20 or 30 percent of biodiesel as a trial.

Spain has adopted the European Union target of replacing 5.8 percent of its transport fuel with plant-based biodiesel or bioethanol by 2010, as part of EU efforts to rein in carbon dioxide emissions.

The CO2 produced by biofuel is offset by the amount absorbed by the plants used to make it as they grow, so using them to replace mineral oil-based fuel helps reduce CO2 and curb global warming.