FACTBOX: Five facts about the Boeing Dreamliner

(Reuters) - Boeing Co plans to fly its new, carbon-composite 787 Dreamliner on Tuesday.

The test flight, more than two years behind schedule, could help restore credibility for the No. 2 plane-maker behind Airbus.

Here are five facts about the 787 Dreamliner:

* The 787 Dreamliner promises greater fuel efficiency through the use of durable, light-weight composite materials.

* Planes in the 787 family have list prices between $150 million and $205.5 million.

* Boeing has taken orders for 840 Dreamliners.

* The most recent delay results from a structural problem within the side-of-body joint of the aircraft -- the connection of the wing to the fuselage.

* The 787 will use 20 percent less fuel for comparable missions in similarly sized airplanes.

Reporting by Kyle Peterson; Editing by Gary Hill