Socialism has worked in UK and it will work again: Labour's Corbyn

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MAIDSTONE, England (Reuters) - The leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said democratic socialism had improved the living standards of the country’s poorest in the past and the party would turn to it again if he wins the Dec. 12 election.

“Socialism carried out in a democratic way in this country, in Scandinavia and other places has raised the living standards of the very poorest,” Corbyn said in a BBC television debate with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday.

He said a Labour government boosted living standards massively after the Second World War.

“Our Labour government will do the same again,” Corbyn said.

Johnson said a dynamic market economy was the only way to pay for “fantastic public services.”

He added that uncertainty over Brexit was acting as a “drag anchor” on the British economy.

Reporting by Elizabeth Piper and Kylie MacLellan; Writing by William Schomberg, Editing by Paul Sandle