EU envoys schedule late Friday talks in Brexit countdown

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union’s national ambassadors will meet late on Friday afternoon in Luxembourg without Britain to discuss Brexit, sources said, as divorce talks between London and the bloc are in their final stretch.

A flurry of Brexit meetings will take the matter a political level higher almost every day for the 27 states that are remaining in the EU and negotiating Brexit together.

They hope to reach an initial deal with Britain at an Oct. 17-18 leaders’ summit in Brussels. Below is the choreography to try to get there:

* WEDNESDAY, Oct. 10 - EU’s Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is set to update the executive European Commission.

* FRIDAY, Oct. 12 - 27 EU ambassadors meet at 1600 GMT in Luxembourg.

* WEEKEND, Oct. 13-14 - Intense talks between the EU and British negotiators expected.

* MONDAY, Oct. 15 - A meeting of “sherpas”, or EU negotiators of each of the bloc’s national leaders, scheduled in Brussels.

* TUESDAY, Oct. 16 - 27 EU ministers take up the baton at talks in Luxembourg.

* WEDNESDAY, Oct. 17 - EU summit starts in the afternoon in Brussels.

Reporting by Gabriela Baczynska, editing by Robin Emmott