Denied 'English breakfast', Merkel nips out for chips in Brussels

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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Angela Merkel nipped out of a tense EU summit on Friday to grab a cone of chips at one of Brussels’ best known “frites” kiosks.

The German chancellor and her aides slipped out of the European Council building on foot to enjoy Belgium’s national snack at the famous Maison Antoine “fritkot” around the corner. Merkel ordered her fries with “andalouse” -- mayonnaise spiced with pepper and tomato, counter staff told Reuters.

Merkel and other leaders had been hoping to seal a deal to help keep Britain in the European Union over what EU officials had dubbed an “English breakfast”. But wrangling with Prime Minister David Cameron dragged on, leaving not just breakfast but brunch and then lunch canceled.

A dinner to end the deadlock was due to begin at 8 p.m (1900 GMT) but Merkel couldn’t wait, heading out for her fries two hours before that uncertain deadline.

Writing by Alastair Macdonald; Editing by Paul Taylor