Odds of UK voting to stay in EU drop to 60 percent after poll: Betfair

Campaigners hold placards as British Prime Minister David Cameron delivers a speech at a 'Stronger In' campaign event in Witney, Oxfordshire, Britain, 14 May 2016. REUTERS/WILL OLIVER / POOL

LONDON (Reuters) - Betting odds on the likelihood of Britain voting to remain in the European Union fell to 60 percent on Thursday after a poll put the “Leave” camp ahead, according to Betfair.

Odds had earlier showed a 65 percent implied probability of a vote to remain in the bloc at the June 23 referendum.

But an Ipsos MORI telephone poll showed 53 percent of Britons would vote for a so-called Brexit against 47 percent who would vote to stay, putting the “Leave” camp ahead for the first time in the monthly telephone surveys.

Reporting by Freya Berry, editing by William Schomberg