Brexit won't be a success, but can be professionally managed: senior EU official

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Britain’s exit from the European Union cannot be turned into a success, but it can be managed in a pragmatic way, a senior European Union official said in an interview with Politico on Wednesday.

Martin Selmayr, who is the head of cabinet for European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, also said British Prime Minister Theresa May was an impressive negotiator, which was good for Brexit talks.

“Brexit will never become a success, of course, because it is a sad and sorry event, but it can be managed in a professional and pragmatic way,” Selmayr said.

“President Juncker said today that she (May) is an impressive woman and a very impressive negotiator. That is very good for negotiations, because we need a very strong negotiator, someone who unites the entire nation behind her,” he said.

Reporting By Jan Strupczewski; Editing Alissa de Carbonnel