FACTBOX: UK manufacturers of small wind turbines

(Reuters) - Britain’s small wind sector is booming despite recession as more homes, farms or small business in rural areas in the country and the United States set up turbines in their yards, supported by government incentives.

Below are some facts and data about the sector:

What is small wind? -- In Britain, small wind turbines have capacity between zero and 50 kilowatts (KW), including micro turbines of up to 1.5 KW.

The United States, turbines with capacity of below 100 KW are called small wind.

How large is the market at present? -- UK’s 2008 annual deployment was 7.24 MW, or 3,253 units, which raised the total installed capacity to 20.12 MW, or 10,621 units. It is expected to reach 32.1 MW this year. -- Global sales last year stood at 38.7 MW, or 19,000 units, worth $156 million. Sales in the United States, the world’s biggest market, totaled 17.3 MW, 10,500 units, worth 77 million.

How big are UK exports? -- UK’s manufacturers exported 3,204 units, worth 5.38 million pounds, last year. The 2009 exports were exported to jump to 9,537 units, worth 23.71 million pounds.

Who are the top manufacturers? It is estimated globally there are more than 200 manufacturers.

-- Southwest Windpower in the United States

-- Proven Energy Ltd in Scotland

-- Northern Power in the United States

Manufacturers in Britain include:

- Ampair (Boost Energy Systems)

- Evance (former Iskra Wind Turbines Ltd)

- Futurenergy

- Gaia-Wind Ltd

- Gazelle Wind Turbines Ltd

- Proven Energy Ltd

- Quietrevolution

- Renewable Devices Ltd

(Source: The British Wind Energy Association, the American Wind Energy Associaion)

Reporting by Nao Nakanishi