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Seamen kidnapped off Cameroon's coast: sources

YAOUNDE (Reuters) - A number of seamen have been kidnapped after an attack on their vessel off the coast of Cameroon in West Africa’s piracy-plagued Gulf of Guinea, a source in the Cameroonian army and a source at the major port of Douala said on Friday.

In July, the International Maritime Bureau described the Gulf of Guinea as the most dangerous area in the world for piracy with 73% of all sea kidnappings and 92% of hostage-takings taking place there.

The army source declined to give details on the number and nationality of the hostages or the name of their ship.

“I’m waiting until I know for sure,” he said. “Was there an attack? Yes. Were hostages taken? Yes.”

The kidnapping was confirmed by the port source.

Reporting by Josiane Kouagheu and Alessandra Prentice; Editing by Mark Potter