Factbox: Canada's political party positions ahead of October 21 election

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadians head to the polls on Oct. 21 for the 42nd federal election, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party facing a tough re-election battle against the main opposition Conservatives led by Andrew Scheer. Here is a roundup of the main parties’ positions.

FILE PHOTO: Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Liberal party supporters and volunteers after launching the election campaign at a rally in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada September 11, 2019. REUTERS/Jennifer Gauthier


CLIMATE - Continue increasing the carbon tax they implemented in 2018.

OIL - Complete the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

HOUSING - Introduce a 1% tax on foreign buyers. Give first-time purchasers up to 10% off a house.

HEALTHCARE - No major policy announcements yet.

AFFORDABILITY - Create 250,000 additional after-school care spaces for children under 10. Sources say the Liberals will move to cut the cost of wireless services.

ECONOMY - Provide 2000 entrepreneurs with C$50,000 to launch a new business.

IMMIGRATION - No major policy announcements yet. The government has gradually increased the number of migrants and refugees accepted to the equivalent of 1% of the population annually.

TAXES - Cut small business tax to 9% from 11%.


CLIMATE - Eliminate the carbon tax. Focus on incentives rather than punishment for exceeding carbon limits.

OIL - Complete the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Repeal the new pipeline approval process brought in by the Liberals.

HOUSING - Increase the supply of homes by allowing new homes onto the market faster. Make it easier to qualify for mortgages.

HEALTHCARE - Increase federal transfers to the provinces.

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AFFORDABILITY - Make maternity benefits tax-free. Create a tax credit for children’s fitness programs.

ECONOMY - No major policy announcements yet.

IMMIGRATION - No major policy announcements yet.

TAXES - Reduce tax on incomes below C$47,000 to 13.75% from 15%. Remove General Sales Tax from heating bills.


CLIMATE - Invest $15 billion in climate-change measures.

OIL - End C$3.3 billion in government subsidies to the oil and gas industry.

HOUSING - Create 500,000 units of affordable housing over the next decade. Implement a foreign buyer’s tax.

HEALTHCARE - Create a national pharmacare system. Include dental, mental health, eye and hearing care and fertility procedures in the Canada Health Act.

AFFORDABILITY - Invest C$1 billion in childcare. Implement a price cap on cellphone plans. Eliminate post-secondary tuition.

ECONOMY - Create 300,000 jobs building clean-energy utilities and retrofitting buildings to be energy efficient.

IMMIGRATION - Remove the cap on family reunification applications. Suspend Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States.

TAXES - Increase corporate income tax rates to 2010 levels. Implement a 1% wealth tax on incomes over C$20 million.


CLIMATE - Invest in a 100% renewable electricity grid. Cut federal emission-level goals to 60% below 2005 levels by 2030. Ban the sale of non-electric cars by 2030.

OIL - End C$3.3 billion in subsidies to the oil and gas industry.

HOUSING - Implement a strategy targeting those experiencing chronic homelessness.

HEALTHCARE - Include pharmacare and basic dental coverage in national health coverage.

AFFORDABILITY - Implement a universal basic income. Eliminate post-secondary tuition.

ECONOMY - Establish a Green Venture Capital Fund to support small green businesses.

TAXES - Hold taxation for small businesses at 9%. Impose a financial transactions tax of 0.2%. Apply corporate tax to transnational e-commerce companies like Netflix Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google.


CLIMATE - Withdraw from the Paris Accord. Abolish green tech subsidies. Remove the carbon tax.

OIL - Create a streamlined process for approving pipelines.

HOUSING - No major policies announcements yet.

HEALTHCARE - Create incentives for provinces to deal with rising healthcare costs.

AFFORDABILITY - No major policy announcements yet.

ECONOMY - Expand the accelerated capital cost allowance to all sectors. Abolish the maple syrup cartel.

IMMIGRATION - Lower the total number of immigrants and refugees to less than 150,000. Repeal Multiculturalism Act.

TAXES - Cut federal income to 0% on incomes below C$15,000 and to 15% on incomes from C$15,000 to C$100,000. Decrease corporate tax to 10% from 15%.

Reporting by Moira Warburton; Editing by Peter Cooney