Canada's Trudeau pressed on gun control after Toronto shooting

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TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asked on Monday if he would support a ban on handguns, said he was looking at a range of options after last week’s shooting in Toronto left two dead and 13 wounded.

Trudeau spoke after laying flowers at the site of the shooting, promising to look at a “broad range” of options in order to make “the right decision for the long term,” and adding that the city needed time to heal.

“Strength of community comes from moments of resilience like this,” he said.

Police have said 29-year-old Faisal Hussain used a handgun when he opened fire along Toronto’s Danforth Avenue. They have not released any other information on the weapon, or said whether it was obtained legally. His motive is not clear.

On Monday, sidewalks in the area were lined with flowers and messages of hope written in chalk.

Police surrounded the site as Trudeau arrived, following the funeral of 18-year-old victim Reese Falcon, who was shot while on a night out with friends.

In Markham, mourners gathered at a Greek Orthodox church to honor 10-year-old victim Julianna Kozis.

Dozens of people surrounded the fountain, lighting candles and talking quietly. A single protester interrupted Trudeau, and was shouted down by onlookers before being escorted away by police.

Editing by Jonathan Oatis