China's Dalian Commodities Exchange: new rules aim to curb speculation, risks

BEIJING (Reuters) - Dalian Commodity Exchange’s recent series of new rules on trading are aimed at curbing speculation and cutting market risks, the Chinese exchange said in a statement.

The major Chinese commodities exchange added to a number of recent measures aimed at calming volatile markets on Wednesday, hiking transaction fees and widening trade limits in a move that could make exiting futures contracts more orderly.

“The aim is to restrict the oversized space for profiting from short-term trades, reduce elevated holdings of related products and curb speculation,” the exchange said in the statement issued late on Wednesday, echoing earlier statements.

It said the moves would help improve the functioning of the market and ensure stability.

Chinese commodities exchanges have stepped up efforts to curb surging prices that some say have been driven by speculators, raising fears of another bubble after last year’s stock market collapse.

The Dalian exchange, along with other commodity platforms in Shanghai and Zhengzhou, has hiked transaction fees on certain commodities and widened trading limits.

The exchange said its measures had already had some “positive impact”, with holdings of certain products being lowered and short-term market hype coming under control. It added, however, some products were still affected.

Reporting by Adam Jourdan; Editing by Ed Davies