Venezuela hopes no country hinders China's 'fantastic' Silk Road initiative

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s Belt and Road initiative is “fantastic” but obstacles could arise from some countries who see it as a potential threat, a senior official from Venezuela said on Sunday.

“We wish for those other countries in the world not to make any obstacles to the success of this initiative,” said Felix Gonzalez, vice minister of foreign affairs for Middle East, Asia and Oceania, on the sidelines of a two-day Belt and Road summit in Beijing.

Gonzalez declined to name specific countries that may look to hinder China’s Silk Road programme.

Venezuela’s trade and investment with China is “gigantic and enormous” and more was expected from Asia’s top economy, as well as from other Silk Road members, he added.

He didn’t give any specific investment figures for new projects expected to be signed under the initiative.

Reporting by Yawen Chen and Chen Aizhu; Editing by Randy Fabi