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SNAPSHOT: Latest developments in Tibet

(Reuters) - Here are the latest developments in Tibet on Sunday.


* Chinese officials declare “people’s war” of security and propaganda against support for Dalai Lama in Tibet after Friday’s deadly riots.

* Residents say anti-riot troops control streets and are closely checking Tibetan homes. China sets “surrender” deadline of midnight Monday to gain possible clemency, or face harsh punishment.

* China says at least 10 “innocent civilians” died. Outside Tibetan source with close ties in Lhasa says number is far higher. Self-proclaimed Tibetan government-in-exile in northern India says some 30 people were killed.

* Australia, United States and Europe urge China to find peaceful outcome. Japan expresses concern.

* Dalai Lama urges China not to use “brute force” against protests, dismisses China’s charge that he is behind protests.


“There are police checking our homes and handing out warnings. Now is not the time to talk.” - shopkeeper who lives near old Tibetan part of Lhasa.

“This grave incident of fighting, wrecking, looting and burning was meticulously planned by reactionary separatist forces here and abroad, and its goal was Tibetan independence.” - meeting of senior regional and security officials, according to official Tibet Daily.

“We urge China to respect the fundamental and universally recognized right of all of its citizens to peacefully express their political and religious views, and we call on China to release monks and others who have been detained solely for the peaceful expression of their views.” - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.