eBay says shooter did not buy ammunition on eBay

People gather in front of a memorial for the shooting victims on the Virginia Tech campus marking a moment of silence in Blacksburg, Virginia, April 20, 2007. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The gunman who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech University did not purchase ammunition used in the rampage on eBay’s online auction site, eBay said on Monday, refuting published reports.

The company said Cho Seung-Hui, who also killed himself, did in recent months buy empty ammunition clips and a gun holster on eBay. He also sold other items including books and tickets to sporting events.

“Empty ammunition clips and gun holsters are unregulated items that can be legally bought and sold on eBay as well as in retail stores across the US. However, we are saddened that Mr. Cho purchased on eBay any item that may be linked with his actions last week,” the company said in a statement.