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La Ley's Cuevas sets 'Stage' for solo debut

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Five years after Beto Cuevas told his bandmates in the wildly successful rock band La Ley that he wanted to go solo, he’s gotten his wish.

His album “Miedo Escenico” is due out September 23 via Warner Music Latina.

“We were falling into a certain comfort (zone) as artists,” he said of his work with the band. And “when you’re a creative soul, it’s almost an announcement of a sudden death.”

“Miedo Escenico” (“Stage Fright”) shows just how literally -- and seriously -- Cuevas takes the solo concept. In addition to writing all the songs, he designed the album artwork and directed the video for single “Vuelvo.” He produced his demos himself in his home studio until they were nearly finished tracks and brought in co-producers Aureo Baqueiro and Steve Tushar to finish the album. Even then, he was heavily involved in the final studio recording.

“This is the first album to carry my name, and I don’t want any aspect to escape from my hands. I didn’t want to have anybody around me when I was writing my music and recording my demos,” Cuevas said.

The artist also directed teaser clips for the songs on his MySpace page and designed a logo for all of them. “Every band is a brand, and you need to work the branding,” he said. “The good thing about YouTube is that you can get immediate feedback from the fans.”

The result is a dense, thoughtful album with touches of British rock influence, new wave and electroclash. But Cuevas’ particular talent for soaring, tender ballads is also in evidence. Still, he said, “97 percent to 98 percent of my album belongs to a period post-La Ley, not something that I’ve been dragging (from when) I was in La Ley.”

As to whether La Ley will record together again, Cuevas said, “Little by little we’ll start missing each other and it’ll be fun, because by the time we decide to come back together, it’ll be real.”