Danish police says eight killed in train accident, probably all Danes

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COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Five women and three men died in the train accident on a bridge linking Denmark’s two main islands, and they were probably all Danes, police said on Thursday.

Very severe injuries made the identification difficult, the police said.

The police are reasonably confident about the identities of four victims and have a good idea of who the other four people are, based on the possessions and other traces found on the train, they said.

“The police can now conclude with a large degree of certainty that there were no foreign nationals among the fatalities,” the police said.

The train with 131 passengers on board was heading towards the capital Copenhagen when it hit debris from an oncoming freight train.

The accident happened early Wednesday morning during a severe storm that hampered the rescue operation on the 18-km (11-mile) Great Belt Bridge between Zealand and Funen, Denmark’s two major islands.

Reporting by Stine Jacobsen and Teis Jensen,; Editing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg