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Danish court strips Islamic State fighter of citizenship

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A Danish court on Friday stripped the citizenship of a 25-year former pizzeria owner who was convicted last year of fighting for Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

The lawyer for the Danish-Turkish man -- who during his trial denied fighting for IS but admitted working as a baker for the group in Syria -- told broadcaster TV2 his client would appeal Friday’s ruling.

The court order comes at a time of growing concerns about increased radicalization among Muslims in Europe in the wake of attacks in countries such as France, Germany and Britain.

Danish media identified the man Enes Ciftci, who was born and raised in Denmark.

Ciftci was originally sentenced to seven years in prison for allowing himself to be recruited in 2013 by IS to commit attacks in Syria, but allowed to keep his passport. Prosecutors appealed that sentence, leading to Friday’s hearing.

Last year, Denmark’s Supreme Court stripped a Danish-Moroccan bookseller of his citizenship after he was jailed for inciting terrorism.

Reporting by Stine Jacobsen and Julie Astrid Thomsen; editing by Richard Lough