Italian woman jailed in Denmark for ordering murder online in bitcoin

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - An Italian woman who ordered the murder of her boyfriend through a website and paid a hitman in bitcoin digital currency was sentenced on Friday to six years in a Danish jail.

The 58-year-old woman ordered the murder - which was never carried out - in March, transferring 4.1 bitcoin, then worth around $4,000, to the hitman’s virtual wallet, the court found.

Bitcoin can be transferred electronically between users without an intermediary such as a bank, making it potentially attractive for buying illegal goods or services.

The woman, who has lived in Denmark for 30 years, will be expelled after serving her sentence, the court said.

The intended murder victim was present at the court hearing north of Copenhagen on Friday and spoke with the woman after the verdict, the Danish public broadcaster said.

Reporting by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen; Editing by Kevin Liffey