EU President-elect names Valean as transport commissioner: spokesperson

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has approved European lawmaker Adina Valean as the commissioner-designate for Romania, a spokesperson for the transition team told Reuters on Wednesday.

Earlier on Wednesday, Romania’s centrist government had nominated Sigfriend Muresan, another European lawmaker, alongside Valean.

“Both candidates had interviews with the President-elect and did well. The President-elect decided for Adina Valean to take on the portfolio of transport”, a spokesman said.

Valean will have to face European lawmakers on November 14 in Brussels before her nomination can be formally confirmed. The objective is still for the new 28-nations bloc’s executive to start as of Dec. 1.

The United Kingdom has yet to name a candidate.

Reporting by Marine Strauss @StraussMarine