Italy PM cheers EU migration deal, decision on migrant centers later

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said he was satisfied by a deal on migration reached by European Union leaders at dawn on Friday, adding Rome would decide later on whether to host centers for migrants.

“We are satisfied,” Conte told reporters emerging after nine hours of talks with his peers in Brussels. “It was a long negotiation but from today Italy is no longer alone.”

He listed the elements of the agreement, including the possibility of setting up migrant centers in EU countries to decide on asylum requests, but he made it clear Italy had not yet decided on whether to have such a site on its territory.

“It is a decision that we will take together in the government. We are not at all urged to do so,” Conte told reporters after attending his first EU summit.

Reporting by Francesco Guarascio, editing by Gabriela Baczynska