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FACTBOX: Who has yet to ratify the EU reform treaty?

(Reuters) - Here are details of EU members who have not fully ratified the Lisbon Treaty, which needs a green light from all 27 EU states to enter into force:

* IRELAND - Irish voters rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum on June 12 with 53.4 percent voting against and 46.6 percent voting for. Ireland was the only member that put the pact to the public in a referendum.

-- Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen announced in December he would hold a second referendum by next November after an EU summit pledged it would not threaten Irish domestic policy.

* CZECH REPUBLIC - Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek’s minority center-right government lost a vote of confidence on Tuesday and will probably leave office after the country’s term as European Union president finishes in June.

- The Lisbon Treaty has cleared the lower house but hit opposition in the Senate. Ratification requires some votes from Topolanek’s Civic Democrats, many of whom oppose the document.

- Topolanek grudgingly backs the treaty but analysts and politicians say skeptics in his party will no longer feel obliged to hold the government line due its ouster, which could also delay any vote on the treaty from April or May.

* POLAND - Both chambers of parliament approved the treaty in April 2008. However, President Lech Kaczynski has yet to sign the treaty in the final part of the ratification process and has said that he will only sign it into law when Ireland has overcome its voters’ opposition to the document.

* GERMANY - In Germany, both houses of parliament have approved the Lisbon treaty, but President Horst Koehler has said he would not sign it until the country’s top court ruled it was constitutional.

- Several parliamentarians have lodged appeals with the Constitutional Court to have the document stopped. The court is expected to rule on the case by the summer.