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Film studio attempts to block 'Bastille Day' release in France

(Reuters) - Cinemagoers on Monday (July 18) expressed their disappointment at reports that StudioCanal had requested French theaters pull ‘Bastille Day’ in the wake of the Nice truck attack.

The French film distributor reportedly asked hundreds of cinemas not to show the film, which is about a plot to bomb Paris and stars British actor Idris Elba.

Delivery man Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel mowed through a crowd with a truck killing 84 Bastille Day revelers in Nice on Thursday (July 14).

A spokesperson for StudioCanal told French news agency Agence France Presse on Sunday (July 17) that they requested the film be withdrawn from 237 cinemas because the film was “not in line with the national mood.”

A representative for the company confirmed the report to Reuters on Tuesday (July 19), without giving a further statement.

U.S. entertainment magazine Variety reported that individual cinemas and chains were left to decide whether to continue showing the film, and that “most if not all” appeared to have continued to screen it on Friday and Saturday.

A chain in Paris was showing the movie on Monday, with cinemagoers calling the request “a shame”.

“I didn’t make the connection with Nice, there are so many differences, I think it’s a coincidence and I find it a shame for the people who made the film,” Manuel, who was about to see the film, told Reuters.

“I find it (the film) has nothing to do with it, you don’t need to pull the film, the events are what they are, film or no film, it doesn’t change anything. It’s not films that make events happen, it’s the world. But it’s a very good film, if I could see it again I would,” David, who had just gone to see it, said.

“I think it’s a real shame that this kind of event has an impact on what we can and can not see,” cinemagoer Laurent said.

Variety reported that “Bastille Day” was the Number 3 opener in France when it was released last Wednesday (July 13).