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German police arrest two suspects linked to Nazi propaganda website

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police on Wednesday arrested two people in raids against a far-right group suspected of using an Internet portal to incite violence against foreigners, spread Nazi propaganda and deny the Holocaust, the public prosecutor general said.

About 60 policemen and investigators took part in the operation, which involved searching properties in four German states and one location in Spain, prosecutors said in a statement.

They suspect Jutta V., 47, and Ralph Thomas K., 27, of being the leaders of a criminal organization that operated “Altermedia Deutschland”, where Internet users can subscribe and take part in forum discussions that appear to focus on race.

“The destiny of this earth lies in the race,” one user who goes by the name of Patron and has a profile picture of a stamp featuring Hitler and the Nazi flag wrote in one post.

Another user posted Internet links on “race purity”.

Three more suspects are part of the group, prosecutors said, giving no information on their possible whereabouts.

“In addition to banned Nazi salutes and expressions, mass public incitement was also published,” prosecutors said.

“These ranged from calls for violence against foreigners living in Germany and members of other faiths and skin color to the denial of the Holocaust.”

The suspects will appear before a judge on Wednesday and Thursday.

Germany received more than one million asylum seekers last year, prompting a sharp rise in attacks on shelters for migrants and calls for the government to stem the flow of refugees.

Reporting by Joseph Nasr; Editing by Janet Lawrence