Disney villains provide inspiration at New York fashion show

NEW YORK (Reuters) - No one wants to be a fashion victim, but fashion villains owned the runway on Friday as designers The Blonds served up spicy and spiky styles with a show inspired by Disney’s vamps and vixens.

The “Disney Villains x The Blonds” fashion show electrified a wildly cheering audience that stood in marked contrast to the usual sangfroid reserve that typically prevails at New York’s semi-annual Fashion Week.

Similarly, models channeling the likes of “Snow White“‘s Evil Queen, “The Little Mermaid“‘s Ursula, “101 Dalmatians Cruella de Vil and “Sleeping Beauty“‘s Maleficent strutted, sashayed, vogued and even break-danced their way down the runway.

A giant screen showed clips from the classic Disney films which inspired the dazzling looks in a presentation of fashion-as-theater that held its own against the most lavish Disney spectacle.

“We always loved the vixen, the femme fatale, and all the villains have these qualities,” David Blond told Reuters of the inspiration for the collection he envisioned along with partner Phillipe Blond.

“They’re the coolest characters, they’re always the standout,” he added. “They have the best personality -- it’s always something that’s interesting and unusual.”

Interesting and unusual the show inarguably was, featuring the sort of over-the-top, avant-garde looks more associated with runway shows in Paris than New York.

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Fabrics included leather, rubber and latex rendered almost exclusively in black or red. What wasn’t any of those was mostly metallic, with endless sequins, beading, crystals and mesh.

Boxy, spike-bedecked flight jackets topped sequined leggings, while a zaftig model channeling Ursula was decked out in black and purple feathers, calling to mind the late drag queen Divine.

Models wore spike-heeled thigh-high latex boots, sculpted bustiers and corsets, while one cradled the unusual runway accessory of a tiny dog.

Despite the seemingly less-than-wearable nature of most of the looks, The Blonds’ creations managed to stay on trend, with wide shouldered, waist-length jackets recalling the 1980s-era power suits that experts see making a comeback.

“It works with our brand DNA so well,” said David Blond. “It was so seamless.” The designers have created looks for a host of performers known for their offbeat style, including Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Lil’ Kim.

Additional reporting by Tara Cleary