The Avengers enter 'Civil War' with supersized premiere

Los Angeles - Hollywood Boulevard hosted a supersized premiere for “Captain America: Civil War” on Tuesday, which sees the superhero come to loggerheads with Iron Man.

The star-studded movie sees plenty of “The Avengers” back on screen, led by Chris Evans who plays Captain America.

When asked about the huge size of the premiere, Evans told Reuters: “It’s overwhelming, it’s a little terrifying but you know what? For a movie like this, when you hope people see it, it’s what required.”

“Civil War” is the third in the “Captain America” film franchise catching up with the same number of films Robert Downey Jr. did with “Iron Man”.

Asked about rumors regarding a fourth “Iron Man” movie, Downey Jr. said: “I mean, I could tell you anything but I’m not one of those to play coy. If it happens, you speed-dial me, I’ll let you know.”

The Marvel cinematic universe has expanded exponentially, with more films in the making. In “Captain America: Civil War”, Spider-Man, played by British actor Tom Holland, also makes an appearance.

“Every movie seems to be better than the last, more exciting than the last and the fans are so eagerly and desperately waiting for every new movie,” Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee said.

“Captain America: Civil War” hits cinemas worldwide from April 27.