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Cult movie 'Heathers' about U.S. high school set for re-release

LONDON (Reuters) - When the dark comedy “Heathers” was released three decades ago it did not become a mainstream success, but the movie about four teenage girls at a U.S. high school achieved something cooler: it became a cult classic.

Now it’s being re-released, and though it is set in an era before mobile phones and the Internet, director Michael Lehmann said its themes remain up to date.

“I think that’s because questions about teenage life violence, bullying in high school - these are still in the forefront of the discussion. The movie feels relevant now,” he told Reuters.

“Today’s teenagers ... are going to be amused by the styles and the fashions of the 80’s and the sort of sensibility of that earlier age,” he said, adding that he was not initially aiming to make a box office smash.

Heathers tells the story of a clique of wealthy girls, three of whom are called Heather, whose teenage antics have fatal consequences.

“The vibe on the set was incredible, all the people working on it, we all really got it and were happy to be there,” said Lisanne Falk, who played Heather McNamara in the movie.

Two of the movies stars, Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, went on to become leading lights in Hollywood, and the film has also given rise to a musical of the same name.

Reporting by Sarah Mills; Writing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg; Editing by Hugh Lawson