Low river levels to affect French nuclear power generation from August 8: EDF

PARIS (Reuters) - French utility EDF may curb power generation at its 3,000 megawatt Chooz nuclear reactor in the north of France due to the low flow rate of the Meuse river which it uses to cool the two reactors at the plant.

“Due to flow forecasts of Meuse river, production restrictions are likely to affect EDF’s nuclear generating fleet on Chooz production units starting Thursday August 8,” the company said.

EDF’s use of water from rivers as coolant is regulated by law to protect plant and animal life. It is obliged to reduce output during hot weather when water temperatures rise, or when river levels are low.

The utility has been forced to cut output and halt production at several reactors this summer due to two spells of heatwave and prolonged dry weather that has reduced river levels.

Reporting by Bate Felix, Editing by Sarah White