Gender pay gap in Germany unchanged 21 percent

BERLIN (Reuters) - Women were paid 21 percent less in Germany than men last year, leaving the gender pay gap in Europe’s biggest economy unchanged, the Federal Statistics Office said on Thursday.

Men earned on average 21.00 euros an hour in 2017, compared with 16.59 euros for women, the Office said. In 2007, the gap was 23 percent.

It said the difference was explained partly by where men and women tend to work. Other factors were fewer women being bosses and more women than men holding part-time jobs, it said.

A so-called “adjusted” gender pay gap for men and women in comparable jobs and with comparable qualifications was about 6 percent.

The overall gap is roughly three times as big in western Germany, at 22 percent, as it is in the former Communist East, where it is 7 percent.

Reporting by Madeline Chambers, editing by Larry King