Factbox: Key points of Goldman disclosure plan

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc, under pressure from shareholders, regulators, clients and others, said it will make more disclosures about how it makes money and ensure that staff are trained to think about the firm’s reputation in their day-to-day activities.

Following are highlights of the 39-point plan from the investment bank, released on Tuesday.

* More clearly detail Goldman’s professional responsibilities to its clients, with specific attention to the nature of the individual relationship and the particular activity the client asks Goldman to undertake.

* Stronger standards to identify, review, approve and document structured products and how they are considered for client suitability.

* Create a New Activity Committee to consider new products and review whether the firm should pursue a product (in addition to whether it is capable of doing so).

* Reorganize revenue reporting into four segments from three for greater transparency, and simplify the balance sheet to show assets by business unit.

* Increase focus on reputational risk management when conducting performance reviews and considering compensation and other incentives.

Source: Report of Goldman Sachs’ Business Standards Committee

Reporting by Ben Berkowitz