Stars of all ages hit top 25 women celebrity golfers

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Women stars of all ages have landed on a list of the world’s top 25 female celebrity golfers, ranging from Canadian singers Anne Murray and Celine Dion to actresses Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba.

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones gestures after playing a shot on the first green during the All Star Cup celebrity golf tournament at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, south Wales, August 28, 2005. Women stars of all ages have landed on a list of the world's top 25 female celebrity golfers, ranging from Canadian singers Anne Murray and Celine Dion to actresses Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Zeta-Jones. REUTERS/Mike Finn-Kelcey

The magazine Golf For Women has compiled its first annual “Top 25 Female Celebrity Golfer List” after noting an upswing in the number of famous women taking up the sport.

“More women are taking up the game and this is also true of celebrity women. Golf is changing rapidly. It is becoming much more sexy and hip with the clothes and demographics changing,” said the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Susan Reed.

Topping the list is Canadian singer Anne Murray, aged 62, who plays off a handicap of 11.

“We were surprised Anne Murray was No. 1 because she has such a low profile so who knew she was an 11 handicap? She is obviously the serious golfer in the bunch,” said Reed.

In the No. 2 slot is 41-year-old American actress Tea Leoni who plays off 12, followed by Dion, 39, with a handicap of 17.

“Celine Dion is an avid golfer and plays all the time. She lives on a golf course in Vegas, belongs to one in Florida and even owns a golf course in Canada,” said Reed.

Reed said there are about 6.6 million women golfers in the United States -- about 25 percent of the golfing population -- with more younger women -- and younger celebrities -- taking up the game such as Cameron Diaz, 35, and Jessica Alba, 26.

But Reed said women who linked up with a man who played golf also tended to take up the sport.

“It seems every women who dates Justin Timberlake takes up golf. He plays off a very low handicap. Now Jessica Biel is apparently taking golf lessons,” said Reed.

“Heather Locklear is dating Jack Wagner and he is one of the best golfers in Hollywood. You start to see the links.”

Here is the complete list of the top 25 female celebrity golfers including their handicaps and their age in bracket:

1. Canadian singer Anne Murray, 11 (62)

2. U.S. actress Tea Leoni, 12 (41)

3. Canadian singer Celine Dion, 17 (39)

T-4. British TV personality/model Jodie Kidd, 18 (29)

T-4. U.S. actress Cheryl Ladd, 18 (56)

T-6. U.S. actress/dancer Janet Jones-Gretzky, 20 (46)

T-6. U.S. model Beverly Johnson, 20 (55)

T-6. U.S. actress Salli Richardson, 20 (39)

T-6. Spanish actress/model Ines Sastre, 20 (35)

10. U.S. singer Amy Grant, 22 (46)

T-11. U.S. singer Belinda Carlisle, 23 (49)

T-11. U.S. actress Tanya Roberts, 23 (53)

T-13. U.S. actress Angie Everhart, 24 (38)

T-13. Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 24 (38)

15. British actress Jane Seymour, 25 (56)

16. U.S. designer Vera Wang, 28 (58)

17. U.S. TV personality Mary Hart, 32 (56)

18. British-born actress Catherine Bell, 34 (39)

19. U.S. businesswoman Ivanka Trump, 36 (25)

T-20. U.S. actress Jessica Alba, 40 (26)

T-20. U.S. actress Cameron Diaz, 40 (35)

T-20. U.S. actress Patricia Heaton, 40 (49)

T-20. U.S. model/actress Kathy Ireland, 40 (44)

T-20. U.S. actress Heather Locklear, 40 (46)

T-20. U.S. actress Sharon Stone, 40 (49)