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FACTBOX: Facts about Acropolis move

(Reuters) - Greece on Sunday began moving Classical Age treasures by crane from the Athens Acropolis to a new museum at the bottom of the hill.

Following are some facts about the move:

- Three construction cranes, one 61 metres (200 feet) and two 32 metres high, with arms extending up to 70 metres, will transport the works along the 400 metres from the top of the hill to the bottom.

- One crane will lift a crate from the top of the hill and deposit it halfway down, a second crane will pick it up and put it near the museum and the third will move it to the museum’s entrance.

- It is expected to take six weeks to complete the move of all items. Each crate takes about 2 hours to shift, meaning only 4 boxes can be moved each day.

- Each crane can lift up to 3 tonnes. The cranes will move 153 boxes, containing hundreds of objects, weighing a total of 184 tonnes. Thousands of smaller objects in the old museum’s store rooms weigh another 124 tonnes.

- The cost of the transport is estimated at 1.6 million euros ($2.27 million).

- The project is insured for 400 million euros.