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Britain's Johnson says cannot take COVID-19 vaccine for granted

FILE PHOTO: A sign at an AstraZeneca site in Macclesfield, Britain, May 19, 2014. REUTERS/Phil Noble

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday there were some hopeful signs that a vaccine would be secured for COVID-19 but he warned that the country must be realistic because it could not be taken for granted.

“There are some very hopeful signs not least from the Oxford AstraZeneca trials that are being conducted but as (the lawmaker asking the question) knows SARS took place 18 years ago, we still don’t have a vaccine for SARS,” he told parliament.

“I don’t wish to depress him but we must be realistic about this, there is a good chance of a vaccine but it cannot be taken for granted.”

Reporting by William James and Kate Holton; editing by Michael Holden