German baker cleans up with toilet roll cakes

DORTMUND, Germany (Reuters) - A German baker has drummed up some much-needed demand during the coronavirus crisis by making cakes in the shape of toilet rolls.

Faced with a slump in sales as customers stayed away, baker Tim Kortuem got the idea when people complained about a shortage of goods in supermarkets after Germans started stockpiling. Sales of toilet rolls rose 700% in March from February, grocers say.

“We thought, we should just create toilet rolls for eating. And that’s how the idea emerged,” Kortuem told Reuters Television.

The marble cake with white fondant icing has been a big hit - Kortuem’s shop in the western city of Dortmund is churning out 200 a day and can barely keep up with demand.

“The customers are totally crazy about it,” said Kortuem. “Most people just like it as it adds some fun to these times.”

“Perfect,” said smiling customer Wibke Dankckert. “After this whole corona, you need something sweet.”

Reporting by Reuters Television; Writing by Madeline Chambers; Editing by Janet Lawrence