Bubbles in Hong Kong harbor are Japanese artist's thought-stirrer

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Millions of bubbles floated across Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour on Wednesday, the latest public art exhibition by Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki.

His project, titled “Memorial Rebirth”, uses a three-meter (10-foot) tall, six-tiered machine with 50 bubble-producing units to spew out 10,000 bubbles every minute, using up about 35 liters of bubble mix every 15 or 20 minutes.

“I wanted to create a space made with bubbles and light for people to ponder, ‘What would happen if the world disappeared instantly like a bubble?’” said Ohmaki, 47, reflecting on the transient nature of his piece.

The exhibition runs to August 20 in Hong Kong.

Reporting by Pak Yiu,; Writing by Karishma Singh