Man killed in wildfire caused by Russian spacecraft launch in Kazakhstan

ALMATY (Reuters) - One man has died from burns in a wildfire caused by a discarded part of the Russian booster rocket launched on Wednesday from the Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan’s emergency situations committee said.

Another man, who along with the dead man had been collecting the rocket debris on the steppe in central Kazakhstan, has been hospitalized after also suffering burns, it said in a statement on Thursday, without naming the men.

An uncrewed Russian Progress cargo ship blasted off towards the International Space Station on Wednesday. During the launch, parts - or stages - of the booster rocket separate and fall, with some landing in Kazakhstan, where Baikonur itself is located.

Russia leases the launch facility from the Central Asian ex-Soviet republic.

Reporting by Olzhas Auyezov; Editing by Gareth Jones