Largan Precision to add 4,500 jobs in Taiwan: CEO

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Largan Precision, a smartphone camera lens producer, plans to double the number of its employees in Taiwan, Chief Executive Adam Lin said on Wednesday.

Lin did not give a timeframe for the planned increase, but said the company would add around 4,500 employees in Taiwan, where it now employs around 4,000 people.

Currently, it has a staff of 6,000 globally, a spokesperson said. Largan has four factories in Taiwan and two in China.

The company, which reported a net income of about $161.55 million for the three months ended March - a record high for the first quarter, has been seeing growth in sales over the past six months. It also recently approved plans to pay out a bonus to its employees.

Largan is now making moves into the healthcare industry with the establishment of Largan Health Tech this year, Lin said.

Largan has invested T$300 million ($10 million) into Health Tech and holds a 40 percent stake in it, Lin told reporters.

The company has created a medical sleep analysis device, which can track problems like sleep apnea, and is currently hoping to obtain a product license from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, which also carries approval from the U.S. FDA, by the end of this year.

On supplying to the auto industry, Lin said Largan remained cautious about deepening its presence in designing and manufacturing lenses used in advanced driver-assistance systems.

“It’s in an active stage right now, but as for how it will grow, there’s still no way to predict,” Lin said.

Reporting by Jess Macy Yu; Editing by Himani Sarkar