Factbox: Key points from draft French programme for Lebanon

BEIRUT (Reuters) - France has drawn up a draft roadmap for Lebanon’s next government, after President Emmanuel Macron told Lebanese politicians on a visit to Beirut that they had to implement reforms swiftly or face the consequences, possibly sanctions.

Reuters reviewed a copy of the programme that lays down a timeline for action by the new government from the first two weeks to one year. Macron said the politicians had agreed to have the government in place by mid-September.

The main points and timeline in the roadmap are below.

Within 15 days of the new government being formed:

* An agenda for resuming talks with the International Monetary Fund must be adopted and published

Within one month of the new government being formed:

* An IMF-approved capital control law must be implemented and an audit of the central bank should begin.

* Reforms of the power sector must be launched, including appointing an electricity regulator, launching tenders for new power stations, shelving existing plans for the Selaata power plant.

* To tackle graft, the government must appoint members of a national anti-corruption authority, reform customs and pass a law to reform public procurement.

Within three months of the government being formed:

* A schedule for raising electricity prices, affecting the wealthiest first, must be announced.

* Improved border controls should be in place at ports, the airport and border crossings.

Before the end of 2020:

* A 2021 budget must be passed.

Within one year of the government being formed:

* Legislative elections should be held and the electoral law should be reformed with the participation of civil society.

Reporting by Raya Jalabi; Editing by Edmund Blair