Management Tip of the Day: Conduct an informal 360 review

BOSTON (Reuters) - Developing a clear view of yourself is an important way to identify your strengths and figure out which ones to develop, says Harvard Business Review.

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“The most effective leaders identify their strengths and then decide which ones to develop further. To do that, you need to have a clear view of yourself.

If your company doesn’t offer a formal 360-review process, you can conduct your own informal one by asking your colleagues the following questions:

1. What are my strengths? Have them start by thinking in broad buckets such as character, getting results, or leading change. Then have them identify specific traits.

2. What are my fatal flaws? Ask them to identify which traits could cause you to fail in your current position.

3. Which of my strengths is most important for the company? Inquire as to which of your abilities — if it was truly outstanding — would have the biggest impact on your company.

4. What works best for you? Ask each person which strengths they value most.

- Today’s management tip was adapted from the video, “Conduct an Informal 360-Degree” by Scott Edinger.

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