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Three arrested after robbing Boston store wearing court-ordered GPS

BOSTON (Reuters) - It took Boston police very little time to track down three men who robbed a city convenience store this week: All they had to do was check the records of the court-ordered GPS tracking devices they were ordered to wear for previous charges.

The trio, which the Boston Herald dubbed the “three stooges of crime” on Friday, robbed a convenience store in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood on Wednesday evening. They were arrested about an hour later after their tracking devices placed them at the store at the time of the robbery and later at a nearby apartment.

The three men, Jose Morales, Andronique Dossantos and Kallahn Winbush, all pleaded not guilty in a Thursday court appearance, according to prosecutors.

The judge set bail at $200,000 each for Morales and Dossantos, who had already been out on bond, and $50,000 for Winbush. He ordered the three to stay away from one another and remain in their homes if they did post bail, prosecutors said.

Once again, police will track their whereabouts through the GPS ankle bracelets.

Reporting by Scott Malone; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn