Factbox: Recent crashes involving Embraer E-190 planes

(Reuters) - Dozens of people were injured on Tuesday after an Embraer E-190 EMBR3.SA plane operated by Aeromexico AEROMEX.MX crashed in Mexico.

The following is a list of incidents involving the same aircraft.

2007 Aero Republica (no longer exists)

An Embraer E-190 skidded off the side of the runway at the seaside Santa Marta-Simón Bolívar Airport in Colombia and partially came to rest in the Atlantic Ocean. There were no serious injuries. The incident involved heavy rainfall and strong winds.

2010 Henan Airlines crash (no longer exists)

Forty-four people died when an Embraer E-190 operated by Henan Airlines crashed near the Yichun Lindu Airport in China amid dangerous foggy conditions. Chinese investigators concluded the airline crew had continued a dangerous approach despite poor visibility, which led to the airplane crashing onto the ground half a mile (0.8 km) from the runway.

2011 TAME

An Embraer E-190 crashed against a wall at the Quito-Mariscal Sucre Airport in Ecuador after the flaps in the aircraft’s wings malfunctioned during landing. Investigators concluded the airplane crew had not followed Embraer’s protocols for emergency situations. There were no serious injuries.

2016 TAME

An Embraer E-190 experienced a ground loop - the aircraft tilted with one wing rising and the other hitting the ground - at the Quito-Mariscal Sucre Airport. The ground loop was apparently intentional because the aircraft had run out of runway without being able to come to a halt. Investigators concluded airport conditions and decisions by the crew before landing caused the incident. There were no injuries.

Reporting by Marcelo Rochabrun; editing by Jonathan Oatis